• Is the shipping fee included in the sales price for calculating commission?

No.  The price of shipping is excluded from your commission.

  • When will the commission be added in my account balance?

All transactions will be held in our system for 60 days to give our customers a chance to return the product in case it isn’t for them, and to give us a chance to make things right in the event that a customer has an issue with their order.    After 60 days, if the status of the order is still showing as “Complete”, the commission will be added into your account balance. If any abnormal action happens, such as a refund or a canceled order during the holding period, the commission will not be added to your balance.

  • What withdrawal methods do you support?

No.  We currently support PayPal and wire transfers. Additionally, you can use your affiliates account balance as a store credit to make a purchase on our website.

  • How I can get my commission?

No.  We provide three methods (PayPal, wire transfer, and store credit) to withdraw your commissions. We suggest using PayPal because it’s easy to verify and you’ll pay a smaller amount in fees.

  • When I can request a withdrawal of my balance?

No.  You can initiate a withdrawal after you’ve earned $10.00 in the program. We will cancel all withdrawal requests which are lower $10 without notification. If there is a specific circumstance in which you need to make a withdrawal that is below $10.00, e-mail affiliates@clinicalguard.com.

  • Why is my balance negative?

No.  If your account balance is displaying a negative amount, it means that your previous affiliates’ orders have been charged back by the customer. When this happens, the commission that you previously earned will subtract from the balance automatically. If this occurs, please e-mail affiliaties@clinicalguard.com for assistance.