Stuff You’ll Need to Know

  • How to calculate your  commission:

The commission in our program is 10% of the order price – this breaks down to the formula below:

[Sale price / (1 + tax rate)]* (1- discount rate) * commission rate

In more practical terms, you’ll base your rate on the following example:

A customer has just purchased an item normally priced at $50 from us through your affiliate link.  Hurray!  The customer will get a 10% discount for using your affiliate link, so they’ll pay $45.   We aren’t calculating tax because there is no tax rate collected for our United States stoerfront.   Your affiliate commission is 10%, and that comes out to $4.50 on a purchase total of $45.00.

Once the customer’s order is registered as complete, your commission will be calculated.

  • Your commission will be held for 60 days before adding the funds to your account balance. This provides enough time for us to make things right in the event that there’s a problem with the product, or if a customer requests a refund. Please note that your commission will be subtracted automatically in the event that the order is cancelled or refunded.
  • We offer PayPal, or a bank wire transfer to pay your commission. You’ll need to verify your PayPal account email when you sign up with us. We strongly suggest using PayPal as a payment medium to avoid being charged wire transfer fees; in the event that this isn’t possible, send us an email via affiliates@clinicalguard.com with your bank name, bank account wire numbers and an image of you bank statement for verification.
  • Affiliates can send a withdrawal request to us and we will process the amount that they applied, with the exception that we do not process any withdrawal which amount is below $10.00.
  • There is a $10 transaction fee for each commission that is paid out via bank wire transfer.
  • Affiliates cannot send withdrawal requests if you’re in the process of withdrawing a previous commission amount; once the withdrawal is complete, you may initiate another transfer.
  • We will generally process all pending commission payments on the 1st of every month, give or take a few business days. If you need us to process your withdrawal request on a different date, please contact us via affiliates@clinicalguard.com with your account email.