I Just Missed My Period, But The Testing Result Is Still Negative. Am I Pregnant?

Yes or No. If you are pregnant, negative result is still possible if,


  1. Your test strip is less sensitive. Our pregnancy tests can typically detect pregnancy before a missed period. To ensure a better result, we recommend you hold your urine as long as possible to have hCG accumulated. Be advised that diluted urine sample or too frequent urination before test may result in a false negative.
  2. it is also possible that your last ovulation was late and thus delayed the implantation date.
  3. A slow rate of hCG production may be another factor for a false negative result.


Of course, you may be actually not pregnant which means the result is not false. Your missed period is because you have an irregular cycle which may be caused by many factors.

Lastly, it is very important for you to discuss with your doctor if you have a missed period.