Reusable Adult Finger Sensor Probe for SpO2

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Quick Overview

Reusable Adult Finger Sensor Probe for SpO2


  • Compatible adult finger probe for BCI handheld pulse oximeters
  • Standard Reusable pulse oximeter finger sensor for extended monitoring
  • Compatible models:
  • Handheld Pulse Oximeter 300AH
  • BCI 3300, BCI 3301, BCI 3302, BCI 3303, BCI 3304, BCI 3401, BCI 9100
  • 1-year warranty

PROLONGED USE WILL REQUIRE changing the sensor site periodically. Please change sensor site at least every 4 hours and frequently check on skin integrity, circulatory status, and correct alignment. All sensors need to be moved periodically since prolonged use produces extra heat from the sensor.