Clinical Guard Scholarship Opportunity

As a leader in the healthcare industry, Clinical Guard has been providing great healthcare products to customers and hospitals for over a decade, and want to give back.

Here To Help

Clinical Guard is looking to be a resource for all students in the medical, health field, and therapeutic field. If you are a student working towards these industries, Clinical Guard wants to help. At Clinical Guard, we understand that students are the future. We feel that it is important to get connected with the youth, specifically students eager to learn.  This is why we are offering two exceptional students per semester the opportunity for scholarships, to help aid in their tuition expenses.

Rewards and experience

Clinical Guard will be awarding two students a grant of $1000 each to assist in paying for necessities, such as a bike or form of transportation, textbooks, and other fees students face. The students will be chosen based upon our criteria for who we see best fit to receive our scholarship.

Good Fit For You?

Are you passionate about healthcare and see yourself pursuing a career in the healthcare field? Do you have insight into how to improve the quality of healthcare services? If so, then this scholarship is right for you. Clinical Guard is looking for hard-working individuals who want to help others, have creative ideas to help improve quality of care, and are looking to further their education.

How To Apply

To apply for the scholarship, in about 500-1000 words, write about one of the follow three topics:

  1. The healthcare industry is a trillion dollar industry. As healthcare costs continue to rise, what are 2-3 strategies people can use to take control of their health and lower their medical bills?

  2. Often, home healthcare products are simply too expensive for customers to purchase. What are 3 strategies that healthcare companies can implement to make products more affordable for consumers?

  3. The healthcare industry has experienced a lot of scrutiny in recent years. What do you think is the biggest problem with our current healthcare system, and how do you propose we work to improve it?

To apply, send us an email to brittany.angland.clinicalguard@gmail.com with your name, school, degree (if applicable), and your answer to one of the topics above.

Criteria For Recognition

To qualify for the scholarship, you must be either:

  1. A senior in high school who is in good academic standing and plans on attending college to major in a healthcare degree program.

  2. A college student who is currently attending a four-year university, is enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester, is in good academic standing, and is majoring in a healthcare degree program.

Scholarship Deadline

  1. Essays must be submitted by July 15th & Dec 15th of each calendar year and winners will be announced by Aug 15th & Jan 15th of each year. For students who have questions, feel free to call at (262) 671-4769.

NOTE: Clinical Guard has a Privacy Policy with all applicants submissions. These submission will NOT be shared and are for Clinical Guard use only. No third party will be granted access to information collected during this process. The applicant's information collected will be diagnosed by the head of HR team and logged into our system. At the end of submission deadline, we will evaluate all applicant submissions then individually reach out to each winning applicant.