Fertile Cervical Mucus(CM) vs. Non-Fertile CM

When can I expect it? What are differences between fertile CM and non-fertile CM?

Fertile Cervical Mucus (CM) is an important indication of upcoming ovulation. Gradual increase fertile CM can be sesen in the week before ovulation and CM will return to non-fertile quality in the days after ovulation. Fertile CM is produced as a result of the increase of estrogen hormones.

Due to the fact that many people compare CM with egg white, CM sometimes is also called "egg white cervical mucus", acronymed as EWCM. Its medical term, "spinnbarkeit" is originated from German word, meaning strtchable and thin.

Fertile CM and non-fertile CM are different in textures, colors and PH levels.

  • The texture of non-fertile CM is thick and sticky, while fertile CM is clear, colorless, semi-transparent, fluid, mobile and thin.
  • PH level of fertile CM is less acidic. This quality provides protection for sperm, helping sperm survive longer and swim easier.