What is the best day to conceive?

Obstetricians/Gynaecologists normally recommend an intercourse frequency of two to three times a week, although there is a fertile window for a woman in each of her menstrual cycle. The reasons are,

  • Unexpected ovulation occasionally occur.
  • Sperm can live up to one week in vagina under ideal condition.

Once this basic regular lovemaking schedule is determined, identification of fertile time window can further impprove the possibility of conception. Peak fertility timeframe is normally from two to three days before ovulation until the day of ovulation. During the fertile time frame, making love daily can dramatically improve the chance of getting pregnant. However, if your partner has sperm count problem, please consult your doctor for an optimal lovemaking schedule.

In addition, because the fact that sperm can survive several days in vagina, earlier intercourse before the fertile window also increases the odds of conception. Quality cervical mucus (egg white) not only indicates the upcoming ovulation, but also provides asylum for sperm. The longer the sperm survives, the better opportunity there is to conceive.

There are a few methods to identify the fertile time window:

  • BBT charting. Basal temperature shifts to a higher level indicates ovulation is coming.
  • Use LH ovulation test or other devices . A positive LH ovulation test result indicates an upcoming ovulation.
  • Other symptoms also indicate ovulation, e.g. ovulation cramps, mid-period pain and etc.