BBT Charting Basics: How Do I do it?

By doing BBT charting, you can obtain two pieces of important information:

  • Whether your menstrual cycle is healthy.
  • You can estimate your possible ovulation date in next menstrual cycle.

Consequently, if you have cycle irregularities, hormonal imbalances, or potential infertility obstacles, you may be alerted by the BBT charting records, which can help your doctor better implement diagnoses or treatments.

The BBT charting is based on the fact that your basal temperature increases at the time the ovum is expelled from the follicle, when luteal body starts to generate progesterone - a very important reproductive hermone. Increased amount of progesterone normally raises body temperature by 0.4F to 1.0F (0.25C to 0.55C). In other words, the raised basal temperature means the mass production of progesterone, which only happens after the release of egg from ovarian follicle.

Taking a BBT charting is easy, though a good habit needs to be formed. When you wake up every morning, do not do anything before you measure your body temperature and record it. You should put your basal thermometer at the bedside to avoid any movement after wake-up. Try to sleep and wake up regularly at same time every day.